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A-TEAM Wisconsin
The A-TEAM brings together individuals with disabilities and their family members to advocate in a grassroots effort, create awareness in the community and advise others to ensure service choices are protected and sustained. Their model has seen great success in reaching legislators and policymakers throughout Wisconsin and energized hundreds of activists! Find out more by visiting their website:http://ateamwisconsin.org/

Be sure to check out their latest video showing families traveling to Washington, DC and meeting with Representatives and Senators to advocate for job choice! 

A-Team Wisconsin Scores Big Win in the Legislature

The A-Team, led by Robin Kennedy, saw great success on Wednesday with the passage of Joint Resolution 51.  The Resolution, which passed both the State Assembly and Senate unanimously, recognizes that “individuals with developmental disabilities should be free to choose the settings in which they receive services,” including facility-based, day training, and work programs.  The A-Team held 30 seats in the gallery and three seats on the floor for this important vote that acknowledges the desire and need for people with disabilities to have a real choice.  The resolution can be found by clicking here.

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