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What Matters Most CA
The What Matters Most Campaign in California has been focused on scheduling Community Information Meetings, which have now been held in several parts of the state, while also promoting direct contacts with local congressional representatives regarding HR 188 and other potential threats to client choice.  Californians who are concerned with protecting commensurate wage options are communicating through the list serve of the California Disability Services Association (www.cal-dsa.org for membership information) and by contacting WMM State Coordinator Carl Ochsner at ochsnercr@att.net.

~*Latest from WMM CA *~

Sheltered Workshop Closures - A Follow Up
An article recently published by "Citizens Journal" about a new emlpoyment opportunity opening up in California called "Accelerated Participant Preparation". The program will allow participants to perform paid work and gain life skills on a path to employment in the communtiy.
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Lawmakers Learn Services for Disabled Workers Threatened
A special workshop lunch was held recently at the Ceres' Howard Training Center to bring lawmakers' focus on the problem of higher minimage wages threatening employment for people with disabilities. Congressman Jeff Denham, Assembly members Kristin Olson, Anthony Cannella, Cathleen Calgiani, and Tom Berryhill all attended to learn more about the critical threats to jobs the California Governor's proposals are. 
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